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Back September 11, 2019

Truck Accidents in North Carolina

Semi Truck Accidents

Every year, people are fatally injured on a daily basis by negligent truck drivers and the negligence of trucking companies. Unsafe truck driving paired with things such as bad weather, over-sized loads, substance abuse, lack of sleep and other hazardous conditions combined with the elements can endanger everyone on the road and potentially subject people to serious injury and death.

Common Causes of Accidents

Most semi truck accidents are caused by preventable issues such as the following: distracted driving, substance abuse, unsafe driving habits, poor driver training, bad truck maintenance and truck driver fatigue. It’s not uncommon for truck drivers, even highly skilled and seasoned truck drivers to find distraction in their phones on long, monotonous drives, where calls, texts, social media and sports updates can provide an escape from a long and dull haul. Thousands of truckers nationwide have been penalized for driving while impaired by alcohol or narcotics and even more have been penalized for unsafe driving maneuvers and driving under fatigue caused by their failure to adequately sleep between trips due to their copious shipment deadlines that often span across the country.

Responsibility for Truck Accidents

While liability in truck accidents frequently falls on the shoulders of truck drivers, it can often be attributed to trucking companies’ poor driver training and their failure to properly maintain their vehicles, often to cut their overhead costs. However, generally, liability and responsibility to pay for medical bills and property damages caused by truck drivers can always be placed on the trucking companies through the legal principle of Respondeat-Superior, or Employer-Employee Liability, which generally states that an employer is vicariously liable for the negligence of their employees that was committed by their employees while they were acting within the scope of their employment.

What to do If You’ve Been Involved in a Truck Accident

If you have been involved in a truck accident, you have likely incurred significant injuries and damage to your car. You’ve also likely experienced some emotional distress as the average truck accident is typically more traumatic than the average car accident due to the large size and great power and strength of semi trucks. It’s important that you take photos of your injuries, damaged vehicle, the truck that hit you and that you get the names of any motorists involved in the accident, their names, contact information and insurance information and the names and contact information of any witnesses. Additionally, you need to call the police so they can investigate and generate a police report. Finally and most importantly, you need to expeditiously seek any necessary medical and mental health care that you and your loved ones need at the earliest stage possible.

Get Your Case Evaluated

We strongly encourage you to seek the advice of a licensed North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney at the earliest stage possible if you have been injured in a semi truck accident where you could potentially recover damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage and other compensable damages. Also keep in mind that semi trucks are typically insured with much greater coverage than your average car on the road, so there will most likely be adequate funds from the at fault party to compensate you and your loved ones and passengers as needed for all damages incurred. At Biazzo & Panchenko Law, we are prepared to negotiate a settlement for you or file a lawsuit and pursue your case through a jury verdict if warranted, to obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact Biazzo & Panchenko Law today to schedule your free Personal Injury consultation. This blog is not to be construed as legal advice.

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