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Back July 24, 2020

These Five Consumer Products Can Cause Serious Injuries

Defective product claims can arise from nearly any product, or device consumers use. The most common products that are recalled include appliances, vehicles, and their parts, children’s products, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. A personal injury attorney could help you if any of these products or others injured you.

When you purchase or use a product, you automatically assume that it is safe to use. You assume that it has been tested and approved by the manufacturer and government agencies so that it works correctly and does not harm you or anyone else around you. While most of the time, you are safe in making these assumptions, sometimes, it is something that you cannot take for granted. Matthews products liability lawyers can help if you were injured by any of the following types of products that can cause serious injuries.


In a CPSC 2017 annual report, it was revealed that over 3.5 million injuries occurred within a one-year span that are linked to potentially defective household appliances and furnishings. What is even more concerning is that most of the victims were children. Most of the time, design defects were to blame. 


All types of motor vehicles and their parts are subject to recalls. By the time the recall occurs, numerous people have already been put at risk on the roads. In 2018, over 1,000 recalls were issued related to motor vehicles and their parts. Even though most states require vehicle manufacturers and dealerships to notify car owners about recalls, many times, the notice is never received.

Child Products

According to the CPSC, there are hundreds of thousands of children’s products recalled annually. This includes toys, clothing, strollers, car seats, feeding equipment, and playpens.


More than 10,000 prescription and over-the-count (OTC) medications have been recalled in the last decade alone. Just because a drug receives approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not mean that it is 100 percent safe and will not be subject to a recall. Drug recalls often happen when:

  1. A previously unknown side effect is discovered
  2. An adverse reaction with another drug is realized
  3. There are errors in the manufacturing process
  4. There are inadequate warnings about the risks of taking the medication

Cosmetics and Personal Grooming

The FDA is also responsible for monitoring cosmetics and personal care products. Most recalls for these products are made due to bacterial contamination. Baby products account for nearly 25 percent of all recalls, and 30 percent involved a manufacturer for hospital cleansing kits. 


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Whether your injury was the result of a design flaw, a manufacturing defect, or a failure to warn, our attorneys can help you with your claim. Our Matthews products liability lawyers know what it takes to get a fair settlement for defective product claims. Call the Panchenko Law Firm today at (704) 900-7675 or complete an online contact request to schedule your defective product legal evaluation with one of our knowledgeable Matthews products liability lawyers.


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