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Back December 31, 2019

Safety Tips for the New Year

As a new year starts, it is often time to make resolutions for the healthiest and happiest year possible. Many people plan to eat healthier, exercise, declutter their homes, and save money in 2020. There is also another important consideration when it comes to your resolutions, though – your safety from injuries

Most of us do not actively think about following safety tips on a daily basis. We might take it for granted that we will arrive at our destinations safely or avoid a trip to the emergency room. However, a wide range of accidents can happen when you least expect it, and you can do certain things to reduce your risk of accidents and injuries. 

Transportation Safety

When you have to travel somewhere – whether it is a road trip or simply down the street, you should always stay alert and in compliance with all traffic laws. Even bicyclists and pedestrians have to abide by safety laws, which are intended to prevent accidents and keep them safe. The following are some safety tips for 2020 when it comes to transportation:

  • Always avoid distractions when driving whenever possible. If you need to use your smartphone or tend to your children in the backseat, pull over to a safe place first. 
  • Never drive after drinking or taking medication that might impact your driving abilities.
  • Always drive a safe speed considering the traffic and road conditions.
  • Avoid driving when you are overly tired and you might lose focus or fall asleep.
  • When walking, always use crosswalks when possible, follow all traffic signals, know the right-of-way laws, and wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight at night.
  • If you are riding a bicycle, you should always wear a helmet, use bike lanes, and know all of the rules of the road that apply to bicyclists.


You should also take your car or bicycle for a tuneup to make sure that they are in working order. While you might be as safe as possible, you cannot control what other drivers decide to do, and negligent drivers should be liable for any injuries they cause.

Safety at Home

Did you know that many accidents and injuries happen right in your own home? It is always wise to conduct a room-by-room assessment of possible safety hazards. These can include overloaded electrical sockets, work wiring, toxic chemicals stored in accessible places, and much more. In addition, some products that you purchased might be defective and might malfunction, causing injuries to family members. It is important to check for possible product recalls on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website and, if a recall exists for something you own, you should follow all recall instructions. 

Products that commonly cause accidents and injuries include:

  • Electronics
  • Baby and child products and toys
  • Sports and recreation equipment
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Power tools
  • Cars and other vehicles

When any type of product malfunctions, you can sustain serious injuries. It is worth it to check for recalls to keep your family safe. If a defective product causes injuries, the company that sold the product should be held responsible.

Keeping Your Kids Safe

It is always a good idea to review safety rules with your children. When a child walks to school, takes the bus, or is simply playing outside, many accidents can happen. Children should be regularly reminded of how to stay safe and what to do if an accident does happen. You can discuss safety with toys, while riding bicycles or scooters, with strangers, how to properly cross the street, limitations on where they can go, playground safety, and much more. 

When accidents happen, as they inevitably do, you should call 911 if needed. Anyone who suffers serious injuries should get emergency treatment, and you should document what happened. Speak with an experienced accident and injury lawyer about your rights as soon as your injuries are stabilized. It is important to have legal representation who will stand up for your rights as an accident victim.

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