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Back December 28, 2020

Research Your Holiday Gifts for Possible Defects or Recalls

Product defects can lead to malfunctions and serious injuries. It is important to inspect your holiday gifts for possible defects and to comply with any product recalls. If you suffer an injury from a product defect, you may be able to file a legal claim against the manufacturer.  

The holidays are an enjoyable time when family members and friends alike often exchange gifts with one another. When a person receives a gift – whether it be an appliance, toy, vehicle, or something else – he or she expects that the product will work the way that it is supposed to work. Gift recipients also hope that their gifts will be safe to use and that they will not include unreasonable hazards or defects. Sadly, however, this is not always the case

When a holiday gift malfunctions, it can not only be inconvenient, but it can also bring about serious injuries, including eye injuries, burn injuries, and even broken bones and soft tissue injuries. If you have suffered an injury because a holiday gift malfunctioned and caused you to suffer an injury, the Matthews products liability lawyers at the Panchenko Law Firm may be able to help. In addition to investigating what happened, we could assist with filing a claim against the product manufacturer, distributor, or someone else in the chain of distribution. 

Product Recalls

Sometimes due to a large number of consumer complaints or injuries – or where unsafe issues associated with the product have been discovered –  a product manufacturer may issue a recall on a particular product. In that case, consumers should comply with the recall request. The main reason for a manufacturer to issue a product recall is to limit its legal liability and avoid unnecessary exposure – especially from the media.

Product Defects

Although no one anticipates being injured by a defective product, it is oftentimes a good idea to inspect a gift for defects soon after you receive it. Even still, upon reasonable inspection, some defects are not discoverable – especially if they are internal defects. Product defects can take one or more of the following forms:

  1. Manufacturing defects – When there is a defect in the manufacturing process that causes the product to malfunction
  2. Design defects – When a product is defectively designed, resulting in a serious malfunction that causes injury
  3. Warning defects – When the product lacks a proper warning, or where the product warning is not located in a place where a potential consumer would be expected to see or appreciate it

If any of these product defects resulted in a malfunction that caused you injury, a skilled Matthews products liability attorney could assist you with bringing an insurance claim or lawsuit against the responsible at-fault party. 

Contact a Skilled Matthews Products Liability Attorney Today

If you have suffered an injury due to a product defect, the skilled team of attorneys at the Panchenko Law Firm can help. For a free legal consultation and case evaluation with an experienced Matthews products liability attorney, please call us today at (704) 900-7675 or contact us online.  


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