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Back March 17, 2021

Liability for Dog Bite Injuries in North Carolina

When a dog bites a person, serious injuries can result. In some instances, the dog owner could be deemed liable for the bite injury that occurs. An experienced Matthews dog bite lawyer could assist you with pursuing the compensation you need in your dog bite injury case. 

Dog bites are incredibly common across the United States, as well as in the State of North Carolina. Pursuant to studies which have been done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)l, approximately 4.5 million incidents of dog bites happen across the United States each year. Of those dog bite incidents, nearly 800,000 require some type of medical care. When a dog bites a person, serious injuries could result. Those injuries often include puncture wounds, cuts, lacerations, bruises, bone fractures, traumatic head and brain injuries, and soft tissue injuries.

If you have been injured in the State of North Carolina as a result of a dangerous dog, it is important that you have an experienced legal team advocating for you in your case as soon as possible. The experienced Matthews dog bite lawyers at the Panchenko Law Firm can assist you with filing a claim or lawsuit against the responsible dog owner seeking monetary compensation and damages.  

The One-Bite Rule

When it comes to dog bite cases, the State of North Carolina follows the one-bite rule. Under this rule, dog owners may be shielded from liability if their dog bites or injures someone for the first time. In North Carolina, the law presumes that a dog owner could not have any way of knowing that his or her dog had a dangerous propensity prior to the first time someone was injured.

When Can a North Carolina Dog Owner be Liable for an Injury?

In order for a North Carolina dog owner to be deemed liable for an injury inflicted by his or her dog, the dog owner must have knowingly, willingly, and intentionally permitted the dog, that is six months old or older, to run at large, during the night, and while unaccompanied by its owner (or by a family member of the owner).

Even if the dog owner does not violate the ‘running at large’ provision, he or she could still be liable for an injury caused by the dog if any of the following is applicable:

  • The dog was kept or used for the purpose of dogfighting.
  • A governmental entity had previously determined that the dog was dangerous.
  • The dog inflicted a serious injury or killed another person.

When it comes to its dog bite laws, the State of North Carolina has stricter standards than most states. A knowledgeable Matthews dog bite lawyer can determine if you will be able to prove your case. If so, your attorney could assist you with filing a claim or lawsuit against the dog owner and pursuing the monetary compensation and damages that you need for your dog bite injuries.

Speak with a Matthews Dog Bite Lawyer about Your Legal Matter Today

The legal team at the Panchenko Law Firm can assist you with handling every aspect of your dog bite claim or lawsuit. For a free legal consultation and case evaluation with an experienced Matthews dog bite attorney, please call us today at (704) 900-7675 or contact us online for more information.


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