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Back October 19, 2019

How Products Can Cause Injuries in Your Home

When you think about accidental injuries, you might first think of car accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and falls, and other injuries caused while you are out and about in the world. However, you might not realize that there is the risk of accidents and injuries right inside your own home due to the products you purchased.

When you pay good money for a product that you carefully selected, you should not then have to worry about the product causing injuries to you or your family members. Unfortunately, defective and dangerous products regularly cause injuries at home, and it is important to contact an experienced Charlotte personal injury lawyer if this happens. The following are only some of the many household products that can result in illness or injury. 

Products for Infants and Small Children

Anyone who has kids or is preparing to have a baby knows how many products are on the market for parents. Parents spend time carefully choosing the right products when they are expecting, as products make parenting easier and provide a high level of convenience. Other products are not only convenient but necessary – for example, car seats are required by law if you are going to transport your child in a motor vehicle.

Just like any other type of product, manufacturers of infant and child products can make mistakes or cut corners, resulting in defects. Defective products can malfunction and cause injuries to your child, and injuries can also result if a company failed to provide you with warnings regarding the risks of a product. Some infant and child products in your home that may cause injuries include:

  1. Cribs
  2. Changing tables
  3. Swings
  4. Slings and carriers
  5. Car seats
  6. High chairs
  7. Toys 
  8. Clothing

When these products malfunction due to defects, your child can suffer serious and, sometimes, life-changing injuries. 


It is 2019, and every household wants to have the newest technology in their home. Electronics are in almost every room of homes, including flat-screen televisions, gaming systems, home surveillance systems, tablets, and more. While you might not think these electronics can be dangerous, they can result in accidents and injuries if they malfunction.

Many TV models can tip over, or mounting systems can fail, causing a large television to fall on someone. Other electronics can short out, especially while they are charging, and they may cause electrical injuries or even fires. Gaming systems are highly complex these days and can involve the physical participation of players. Many gaming systems may not be made in a manner that prevents injuries to users. 

Large and Small Appliances 

Many household purchases involve large or small appliances for the home. Appliances are often purchased for the kitchen, laundry room, or garage, though they can be in other rooms, as well. No matter how major or minor an appliance seems, most of them can cause serious injuries when they malfunction. Some appliances involved in accidents may include the following:

  1. Stovetops
  2. Ovens
  3. Blenders
  4. Dishwashers
  5. Food processors
  6. Fryers
  7. Crockpots
  8. Electric knives
  9. Electric can openers
  10. Washers and dryers
  11. Irons
  12. Gas grills

In addition, all types of power tools can result in injuries if they are defective in any way. This includes power saws, nail guns, drills, and more.


If anyone in your home takes medications, there is the risk of injuries, often in the form of dangerous side effects and inadequate warnings. Pharmaceutical companies regularly sell drugs that have unreasonable risks, including the development of new and potentially life-threatening health conditions.

Liability for Dangerous Household Products

Companies that manufacture any type of product have a legal duty to make sure of the following:

  • The product is designed without any inherent defects
  • The product is made from proper materials in the proper manner according to the designs
  • The product contains warnings of possible risks, including age recommendations for child toys and products, instructions for proper use for appliances, and the possible side effects of pharmaceuticals

When a manufacturer fails to ensure the above, a product can be defective or unreasonably dangerous, and it can cause injuries. These corporations should be held fully accountable for all of the losses of injury victims, including their medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, permanent disabilities, and more. 

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