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Fatal Injuries to Motorcyclists

Fatal Injuries to MotorcyclistsWhen a motorcyclist is involved in a severe accident due to the fault of another, the results can be devastating. Sometimes, an accident can result in death. When that happens, loved ones need help from a Matthews wrongful death attorney.

Motorcyclists know that there is nothing like heeding the call of the open road. There is a real sense of freedom in riding. They also know that they must take precautions to avoid injury. Let us face it, when it comes to a collision, a motorcyclist is no match for a car, truck, or van.

Motorcyclists know to wear a helmet and clothing that protects their skin from road rash in case of a collision. They know to watch for other vehicles and erratic drivers. Nonetheless, accidents happen. Motorcycles are less visible to drivers than other vehicles, so when an accident occurs, the injuries can be serious. There is little in place to protect the motorcyclist from an oncoming vehicle.  Sometimes, injuries can lead to death.

No matter the injury, if you or a loved one have been involved in an accident that was the fault of another, you will need help. This is especially true if the injuries have led to death. Our Matthews wrongful death attorneys are here to help when you need help most.

Fatal Injuries Suffered by Motorcyclists

In 2019, 2847 motorcyclists were injured on North Carolina roadways. During that same year, 183 motorcyclists were killed.

Motorcyclists can suffer several different types of injuries ranging from road rash to death. Many of these accidents occur when either the vehicle’s driver is making a left turn and fails to see the motorcyclist traveling through the intersection or in a head-on collision between a motorcyclist and a vehicle.

By far, the leading cause of wrongful death in a motorcycle accident stems from a head injury. In a collision, often, the motorcyclist is ejected from the motorcycle. An injury to the head is likely even with a helmet on.

Head injuries alone can result in:

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs): These injuries to the brain occur because of the impact. TBIs can range from mild to moderate to severe. TBIs can be difficult to diagnose as there is usually no outward injury. But tissue inside the head can tear away from the skull, tissue can bleed and bruise, and without immediate intervention, a vegetative state or death can be the result. A TBI may be diagnosed immediately after an accident, or it may take days before the condition is apparent. Symptoms can include dizziness, personality changes, fluid leaking from eyes or ears, difficulty waking up, dilated pupils, blindness.


Skull fractures: These can be mild or severe and can cause death.


Brain Bleeds: Brain blood vessels can burst upon impact and cause a brain bleed. These cause swelling and pressure in the skull and can cause death. Pressure must be relieved, which usually involves surgery.


Cerebral Edema: This is fluid that builds up around the brain and causes intracranial pressure. The result can be brain damage or death.

Any of these injuries can cause death. For the motorcyclist’s family, the loss of their loved one due to the fault of another can be a traumatic experience. When the death is wrongful, the family will need help with their emotional and financial losses. Our Matthews wrongful death attorneys are both skilled and compassionate.

Free Consultation with a Matthews Wrongful Death Attorney

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