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Back April 30, 2020

Don’t Ignore “Minor” Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents happen every day in and around the Matthews area and throughout North Carolina. Some crashes are clearly severe, and people involved might need emergency transportation and trauma care. Some people might be lucky enough to walk away without a scratch. Others are often in the middle of these two scenarios, as they might be in a seemingly minor crash that still causes injuries.

If you do not need emergency treatment, it can be easy to ignore certain injuries that do not seem serious at first. However, even minor injuries should be properly addressed, as failing to get the necessary treatment can result in worsening and even lasting effects and complications. The following are a few examples of injuries common in minor accidents that should not be ignored. 

Neck and Back Injuries

The impact of a car accident can cause a jolt of your body, which commonly affects your neck and/or back. “Whiplash” is a common term you might hear after many crashes, especially rear-end collisions. This refers to a variety of possible soft tissue injuries in the neck that can result from the whipping motion of your head in a crash. These injuries can cause pain and a limited range of motion, and most people need physical therapy to fully recover. 

Back injuries are also common in car crashes. Your back has many moving parts that can be damaged in a wreck, and these injuries can be painful. Many back injuries can keep you from working or even from walking around and completing daily activities. It is important to get the proper diagnosis and treatment right away to minimize the complications and effects of neck and back injuries. 

Joint Soft Tissue Injuries

Your neck and back are not the only areas of your body that can sustain soft tissue injuries in a crash. Your joints – especially your hips, knees, shoulders, and wrists. The tendons and ligaments in your lower joints can be strained or sprained from the impact, while soft tissue damage in the arms is common from trying to brace yourself or holding the steering wheel. Just like soft tissue injuries in your neck or back, these joint injuries can be painful and restrict movement. You should get a proper diagnosis and then follow all treatment recommendations, which often involves a course of physical therapy.


Traumatic brain injuries are common in car accidents, though mild TBIs such as concussions are all-too-often ignored. A concussion will have varying symptoms, which can include:

  1. Disorientation
  2. Mild confusion
  3. Irritability
  4. Sleep issues
  5. Fatigue
  6. Headaches
  7. Memory issues

Many of these can often be attributed to the trauma and stress of a car accident, which can be a disorienting event even without a concussion. However, if you believe that you are feeling anything out of the ordinary, you should get checked out by a doctor. Concussions can put you at risk for more serious brain injuries if you do not take proper precautions while you are healing. 

Discuss Your Options with a Matthews Car Accident Lawyer Today

Even minor accidents can result in substantial losses from injuries. If you incurred any medical bills or lost wages due to an accident-related injury caused by another party, you deserve to recover for those losses. It is important to discuss your legal rights with a Matthews car accident attorney who can advise you on the best way to proceed and how much your claim might be worth. Please do not wait to call Panchenko Law Firm, to speak to our legal team at (704) 900-7675 or contact us online for your free consultation today.

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