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Back August 23, 2021

Did You Need Surgery For Your Accidental Injury?

Did You Need Surgery For Your Accidental Injury?Some injuries are severe enough that they need surgical repair. Surgery is expensive, as are the costs of aftercare. You will likely miss work during your recovery time and have to undergo physical therapy. After a serious injury, speak with a Matthews personal injury attorney.  


Health care is not cheap – according to estimates, medical spending exceeded a whopping $4 trillion just in the United States, with nearly 1/3rd of those expenses (or roughly $1.24 trillion USD) going toward medical services.


It’d be reasonable to assume that the COVID-19 pandemic intensified the burden of those service expenses, but another major source of those high costs is tragic, preventable, and all-too-common accident injuries.


Whether they are car crashes, slip and fall accidents, or another source of injury, all sorts of things could lead to injury, ailments, and even potential death. These injuries may be serious enough to warrant surgical operation, and serious injuries like that will not be cheap to treat.


If you were hurt by someone else’s negligence, and they hurt you badly enough to warrant further surgical treatment, then what can be done to recover those expenses? Conversely, how can a Matthews personal injury attorney help you recover those expenses? Read on for that, as well as an overview of common accident injury surgeries.

Common Surgeries After Car Accidents (Or Any Accident)

Depending on the nature and severity of your accident, you could need all sorts of surgical procedures, with none of them being particularly on the cheap side. Examples of common serious personal injuries and surgical procedures could include:


    1. Compound fractures: Most broken bones can be simply treated with a cast, but if the injury is serious enough to tear through flesh and tissue, more serious operations could be needed to stabilize the bone.
    2. Brain surgery: Traumatic brain injuries are serious business. If you didn’t just suffer a garden variety concussion, then you may need surgical treatment to stop brain bleeding, clotting, pressure building, or repair your skull fracture.
    3. Internal bleeding: Our bodies are full of organs, and these organs can run the grave risk of internal injury after accidents. Depending on the severity, this could demand minimal invasion or comprehensive surgery.
    4. Plastic surgery: Scarring, disfiguring, and maiming can all be possibilities with serious accident injuries. If it’s bad enough, you may demand further operations to repair the scarring.
    5. Torn soft tissue: Sometimes, muscle injuries can heal with just rest and physical therapy. However, if more severe tearing occurred, you may need surgery.

These accident injuries can all be physically, emotionally, and financially costly, sometimes in the tens or hundreds of thousands. If negligence wound up costing you immensely, then you won’t want to let those costs go unrecovered. You can hold the negligent party that caused your accident liable for your surgical costs, among many other losses.

Seek Help from Our Matthews Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Matthews personal injury attorneys at Panchenko Law Firm understand all the questions and overwhelming costs that may arise after a serious accident and injury. We know that surgical procedures cost much more than just money, as they can


Consider getting in touch with one today to learn more and arrange a free case review.

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