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Back August 16, 2021

Car Accidents on the Job

Car crashes during your employment might lead to complicated claims for workers’ compensation benefits and, possibly, compensation from a negligent driver. Speak with a Matthews workers’ compensation lawyer about your legal options following an injury.


There are many different variables to consider if you’ve been involved in a car accident while on the job. While businesses are required to carry insurance for company vehicles, there are many questions surrounding how drivers are to be compensated if they are involved in a dangerous accident.


Overall, the topic of car accidents on the job can be confusing. If the driver was in a car accident while on the job, there are some distinct factors that Matthews workers’ compensation lawyers take into account.


Did the Car Accident Happen While You Were Working?

In order for a car accident injury to qualify for workers’ compensation coverage, you must have been driving in the course of your employment. If you were driving to or from work on your usual commute, it likely does not qualify as “on the job.” However, if you were driving from one job site to another during a workday, it likely qualifies.

You’ll Need Medical Attention Fast

All workers need immediate treatment after a serious injury takes place on the job, including from car crashes. Getting a quick medical diagnosis and treatment helps to improve your prognosis, as well as prove the injuries you suffered as a result of the work-related crash. You should not worry about the cost, as workers’ compensation – or other sources – should cover your medical expenses.

Seeking Help from a Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation is the primary source of relief for injured workers in North Carolina. Your employer should carry proper workers’ comp coverage, which should provide benefits for your medical treatment, lost wages (up to a percentage), and longer-term disability benefits. If a family member died in a work-related car crash, you can seek death benefits through a workers’ compensation claim.


Workers’ compensation is no-fault, so you can seek benefits even if it was your error that caused the crash. However, the process can be difficult, so you want help from the right workers’ comp attorney.

Was Someone Else At Fault for the Car Accident?

Often, car crashes are the fault of another negligent driver. If someone else caused your crash, you might have another source of financial recovery, as you can file a third-party injury claim against the negligent driver.


It is important to know when this type of claim is possible since third-party negligence claims can provide more compensation than workers’ comp can. For example, you can seek the full amount of your lost wages, as well as damages for intangible losses, such as pain and suffering.


We can help with both your workers’ compensation claim and your injury claim if needed.

Call For a Free Case Review Today from a Matthews Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you were involved in a car accident on the job, hiring a reputable workers’ compensation law firm is your next best step. The legal team at Panchenko Law Firm can represent you and evaluate all of your options. Contact us today to request a free case review regarding your legal options following a work-related car crash.

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