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Can Someone Else be to Blame for a Single-Vehicle Crash?

Can Someone Else be to Blame for a Single-Vehicle Crash?You might assume that the driver is to blame in a single-vehicle crash, but this is not always the case. If you were involved in a one-car accident and do not believe that you were negligent, discuss your case with a Matthews car accident lawyer.


In most instances, motor vehicle accidents involve two or more vehicles. However, sometimes motor vehicle accidents can happen where only one vehicle is involved. For example, the motor vehicle operator might swerve to avoid hitting an animal or pedestrian in the roadway, but instead strikes a fire hydrant, stop sign, or something else that is on or near the road.

Although in many instances, the vehicle operator is at fault for a single-vehicle crash, at other times, one or more persons or entities might be to blame for the accident. If you have suffered an injury in a single-vehicle crash, the Matthews car accident lawyers at the Panchenko Law Firm are ready to help. Please give us a call today to learn more about how we could assist you with your car accident claim or lawsuit.


Who Else Can be Responsible for a Single-Vehicle Accident?

There are several other persons or entities besides the driver who could be responsible for a single-vehicle crash. In some cases, single-vehicle crashes occur because of something on the vehicle malfunctions. For example, the vehicle may be equipped with a faulty steering or braking system that does not work the way it is supposed to work. If the cause of an accident can be traced to a manufacturing defect, then the injured driver could pursue a claim for monetary compensation against the product manufacturer or distributor. Similarly, other injured individuals could make a similar claim against the product manufacturer.


At other times, single-vehicle crashes occur because of defects in the roadway. For example, the roadway might have a significant number of cracks or potholes which caused the vehicle crash. In that instance, the accident victim could present a claim against the city, county, or other municipality. However, you should keep in mind that notice provisions often come into play before filing a claim or lawsuit against a local government entity.


Finally, in some instances, other individuals can be the cause of a single-vehicle accident. For example, a cyclist or pedestrian may unexpectedly cross the road, and the vehicle driver must swerve to avoid hitting him or her, resulting in the accident.

An experienced Matthews car accident lawyer can investigate the circumstances of your single-vehicle accident and determine who was likely at fault. If necessary, your lawyer could assist you with filing a claim or lawsuit against the person or entity who was responsible for your accident.


Recoverable Damages in Single-Vehicle Car Accident Cases

Injuries suffered in single-vehicle car crashes can include traumatic head and brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries. If an injured driver or passenger can prove that a single-vehicle accident occurred because of someone else’s negligence, then he or she might be eligible to recover monetary compensation and damages in the case. For example, the accident victim could pursue monetary compensation for all medical treatment, lost earnings, inconvenience, mental distress, pain, and suffering that resulted from the accident and injuries.


Call a Matthews Car Accident Lawyer About Your Legal Matter Today

The skilled legal team at the Panchenko Law Firm can assist you with every aspect of your single-vehicle car accident claim. For a free legal consultation and case evaluation with an experienced Matthews car accident attorney, please call us today at (704) 900-7675 or contact us online for more information.

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