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Welcome to Panchenko Law Firm! We are a multifaceted law firm with a client focused approach. At our firm, we speak Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Vietnamese, and have Attorneys that are licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina and Florida.

Our attorneys never charge a fee, if you’ve been injured – unless they’re able to settle your case or win it in court. As such, there are no upfront fees. If you’ve been severely injured, our personal injury attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina can even come to you – at your place of business, your home, or even the hospital.

Panchenko Law Firm are your zealous advocates, they will always be on your side, and walk you through the entire process by explaining every possible legal issue every step of the way. Reach out to us today by either Emailing, Calling, Texting, Facebook Messaging us or by simply stopping by our office today! We are here for you!

“Professionally took care of my case in a timely manner for reasonable price. I wish no one had any creepy situations in life, but if it happened and you need an attorney, I’d definitely recommend Dmitriy  to be on your side”

– Alex Belar


At Panchenko Law Firm, we are a new kind of law firm for a changing world. We understand that more often than not, Auto Accidents and the entire process thereafter can be very stressful, complex, and frustrating.

To alleviate this stress, our auto accident attorneys will walk you through the entire process and be there for you every step of the way. Unlike other firms, our firm’s main focus is promptness in communicating with our clients, honesty, integrity, and respect. As our client, you will get in touch with your attorney, and get your questions answered the same day. To schedule your FREE Personal Injury Case Evaluation contact our Matthews office at 704.900.7675 now!

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“I’ve dedicated my life to helping injured victims receive maximum compensation”

Corey Biazzo – Managing Partner

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At Panchenko Law Firm we are a new kind of law firm for a changing world. We understand that more often than not, Auto Accidents and the entire process thereafter can be very stressful, complex, and frustrating.

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    We take pride in the years of service we have provided our clients with. Each case result is a reflection of our passion and dedication for justice. We will always remain focused on achieving results and empowering you as a client.

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When the stakes are this high, having an experienced lawyer to support you is of crucial value. We represent clients in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. We provide positive case results for personal injury victims facing serious long lasting injuries or even wrongful death. Contact our law firm and we will find a way to help you.


A personal injury can alter your daily circumstances like your job, your family and your relationships for a short or indefinite period of time. Whether you have been a victim of a car accident, wrongful death, defective product, nursing home abuse, etc, its important that you rely on a aggressive counsel who will protect your rights, your dignity and who will obtain the maxium possible rate of compensation for you.

We will guide you through the legal process and restore your peace of mind, with your knowledge that you are backed by attorneys with extensive experience. If you have a personal injury case, you can rely on our team to represent you in an effective and aggressive way.

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We are not just committed attorneys that strive to see justice happen. We are a team of attorneys that are empathetic to your circumstances and all the unseen burdens that come along with any legal matter. We want you to know that we share the emotional weight of your circumstances and make sure that the outcome of your case relieves you from any future legal problems.

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At Panchenko Law Firm we strive to remain consistent, patient, prompt and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves.
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Answer to some of the most common personal injury questions we’re asked.


Panchenko Law Firm works on a contingency basis on all personal injury matters and on an hourly basis on all other cases. That is, in a personal injury matter, we do not charge you anything at the outset, however, upon settlement of the case we charge a fee of 33% of the final settlement amount. Fees for all other services vary. Please call us today to find out more.

Today more than ever, you need effective counsel in order to recover the full value of your claim. Good faith claims handling and outstanding customer service are pledges often made by insurance companies and insurance adjusters. Unfortunately, the reality is often sadly different. Insurance companies will even promise to pay for your medical expenses, and even if by some miracle they make a full payment, which rarely happens, you will still miss out on other types of damages that you may be unaware of.

Today, most insurance companies are publicly held entities with the overriding mandate to their stakeholders to constantly and continuously improve the bottom line at the expense of the injured. More often than not, adjusters will offer low settlements, as they are aware that you do not have recourse and will likely accept it. In doing so, they improve their bottom line and maximize profits.

The insurance adjuster investigating the accident will attempt to determine who is negligent or at-fault. He or she will consider a number of factors, which generally include: police report, pictures of the accident and property damages, witness statements, statements from both drivers, traffic signals sequence reports and other factors.

North Carolina Contributory Negligence Law (See our Blogs for more details) completely bars a driver from collecting any damages if determined to be even 1% at fault. Thus, in essence, if you contribute to an accident in any way, you may not be able to collect on a liability claim. Any disagreement will ultimately have to be resolved in a court of law, which can be extremely costly.

As such, the insurance adjuster will focus hard on finding fault on your part or for any other reason to deny your claim.

Generally, a buyer picks an attorney that will close a real estate transaction. As such, that attorney will primarily represent the interests of the buyer. Attorney will ensure that the seller actually owns the property and hasn’t sold it to someone else, that the seller has the right to convey the property, and that the property is free from encumbrances. An attorney will then obtain a title insurance policy that will protect a buyer from any encumbrances that may have been missed during the title search. Therefore, we strongly recommend to hire an attorney for all of your real estate transactions.

The term “Vicarious Liability” (also referred to as “imputed negligence”) refers to the doctrine that makes one person responsible for the negligent actions of another.

Vicarious liability is an exception to the normal principle of individualized fault and enables an injured person to seek redress from another who is not the party primarily responsible.

In a case involving imputed negligence, liability will be imposed on one person for the negligence of another based on the relationship between the parties, or arising from a positive rule of common or statutory law, or contract.


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